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Bighorn Lodge

Rent the Whole Lodge

We have had a few groups “do their own thing”, but we have come to the conclusion that this is great for the guests and for us!

The entire Bighorn Lodge can be rented for parties, vacations, family reunions, retreats, business meetings, formal/informal gatherings, holidays, or whatever else you can come up with to get people together to have fun! You can take over this beautiful, comfortable, rustic lodge with a beautiful setting overlooking Bull River, mountains, and lots and lots of trees for YOUR gathering!

Rent the Entire Lodge

To make your event at the lodge “perfect”, there is a fully equipped commercial kitchen, large dining area, two separate comfortable spaces to relax in, a BIG rocked fireplace, a great library and even a grand piano. This great room has windows on three sides so the view is all around you! There is a deck out the double doors, that over looks all this beauty, and a new hot tub, too. SO THINK ABOUT IT, wouldn’t it be nice not to have to cook alone?! Do the cooking with family, friends, spouses, children, the more the merrier and less work for YOU! A little wine might even ADD to this FUN experience. And it gets better! Nobody has to drive home!

We can accommodate about 22 people for sleeping. On the first floor there is a suite that sleeps 4-5, and a bedroom that sleeps 3-4. The second floor, which overlooks the downstairs, has four more bedrooms. Room #2 sleeps 3, Room #3 sleeps 3, Room #4 sleeps 3, and Room #5 can sleep 4. All the bedrooms have their own private bathrooms and are tastefully decorated. Also available is a washer and dryer. The lodge has WiFi throughout and a new flat screen tv . Just think, a 2,000 sq ft entertaining area, with a bar, to entertain- no worries about having to get your “place” ready for that get together or “clean your house after the party” and plenty bedrooms for guests!

We have had several memorable family reunions here. Last summer a family with members coming from near and far all converged for a week stay at the lodge. A different family member took over the menu with cooking duties each day, and had a good time doing it. It even appeared cleanup was fun with every one joining in. Imagine that!

Each day had some new adventure planned, like hiking on near-by trails, site seeing, boating and fishing in the Bull River, Bull Lake, and near-by Kootenai River. They were also creative when the weather didn’t cooperate by making up little skits, playing board games, singing by the piano, and just relaxing and hanging out with each other. Summers are great here with the days warming up so you can be outdoors, and the nights cooling off for a campfire, then quiet, good night sleep.

Holidays are a good time to be here at this very special spot in Montana. Last Thanksgiving, a family, and some of their friends “took over” the lodge celebrating together a very special holiday. They all cooked, ate, visited, relaxed and enjoyed each other for 4 days. 

Christmas also brings some very special people to our lodge. The last five years one group of friends came early in the month to have their own celebration for the holiday, they call the occasion Festivus. It is a group of friends, usually 5 couples that stay for three nights. One night it’s soup, salad and bread with dessert. The following night is a formal dinner where they get “decked out” in formal attire. They look like royalty in their tux and gowns! Oh and don’t let me forget to mention the fun and games they have after they get “un-formal” (by getting their PJ’s on)! It is then “game time” with Texas Hold-em being one of the many games played. For this group we do all the cooking, complete with a gourmet breakfast each morning. At the end of the month we have a similar group that celebrates New Years Eve in style! Lots of good times and memories are had by everyone!

Depending what you have in mind determines the cost. For example, renting the lodge where you do the cooking and entertaining = less dollars, or if you would choose for us to provide the meals = more dollars. Either way we will work out the details with you to make sure your stay here at the Bighorn Lodge will be remembered for years to come, we would surely love to have you here.

Dave & Karen